Want to become a partner?

We're proud of the relationships we're developing in ground transportation across the country and even globally. Our goal is to make HMTS Worldwide for our customers' one-stop shop on all things related to transportation. We live and work in an increasingly connected world, where travel and technology join people in a growing global network. By joining the HMTS Worldwide network, you will gain many benefits to meet all of your customers’ global transportation needs. As part of the HMTS Worldwide network of partners and affiliates, you and your customers are supported by innovative solutions that ensure real-time quotes, reservations, and confirmations. HMTS Worldwide is very selective when deciding which affiliates will receive business and in turn, this means HMTS Worldwide clients will always receive the better of the best service in the industry, no matter where they are. Affiliates are selected based primarily on their ability to perform at HMTS Worldwide high standards.