About us

About us

HMTS is a special operating global network and we providing or advising in all kind of personal services and solutions if you are entrepreneur, multinational, corporation, executive, celebrity, Key Player in the Entertainment, travel-agent or travel-manager.

HMTS can provide you with several services as: Worldwide chauffeur-driven cars, limousines for your airport pickup, point to point transfer, road-show, day trip, sightseeing tour for your business or private trip. The executive cars of HMTS are not older than three years and the chauffeurs are very well educated, multilingual and dressed very representatively. Also private jets, helicopters or yachts from our own fleet or from our worldwide affiliates can be arranged. It’s easy to discover how much of the planet we cover: simply rollover the countries on the map. It’s even easier to arrange your global ground transport: simply pick up the phone.

At HMTS, you have access to a single point of contact – wherever in the world you’re heading. Why worry about language barriers, time differences or currency conversions? Our expert international advisors are here to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week – handling your entire itinerary from planning to delivery.

We save you and your clients Time, Money and Promote Wellness. Our clients spend their energies doing what they do best, with their time, and put HMTS to work, to present them with a crystal clear picture of tailored programs, choices and options with professional guidance. We save you money by providing a clear view of pricing and service structures, something that is many times very confusing for the customer, in our industry.
We work with our clients and providers and creating tailored, services and out of the box added value. We promote wellness by giving you the time, energy and focus to do what you do best.

We encourage our clients to enjoy the experience of having us do the due-diligence, knowing that HMTS has a continuous eye out for you. As one of our CEO’s was a world traveler for a long time we noticed that tailor made transportation / service is very important to travel without stress. With these expertise we can say that we are one of the leading organizations in the world of transportation to arrange your transportation from beginning till your final destination perfectly.

All our employees from office personal to chauffeurs are all well trained, discreet, multilingual and do have an eye for detail. Our long list of clients range from prominent people, artists and big multinational companies to several governments

Safety Guaranteed

Besides comfort we equally value your safety. Our chauffeurs follow a professional training for driving directors, CEO’s and other VIP’s. Central in this training are safety awareness and increase of driving abilities. Of course their knowledge and driving abilities are freshened up every year.

Representative Charisma

Transport with a luxury limousine or sedan services: You and/or your guests will be driven in the newest model cars which come with all options. Professional chauffeurs: The chauffeurs have been selected by a renowned recruiting and selection office. This ensures you with our high standards, service and discretion.

Saving costs

You decide when and how often you like to make use of the service of HMTS, both nationally or internationally. You save yourself the purchase, high insurance, maintenance of your representative cars. Also you save substantially on personal costs by using HMTS. We encourage our clients to enjoy the experience of having us to do the due-diligence, knowing that HMTS has a continuous eye out for you and attention to detail is key.


Do you have any questions or comments about our services? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by filling out the form below, or emailing us directly at office@hmts.biz.